Dan Oved's Portfolio

  • Arium

    Arium is a browser-based, real-time collaborative platform for NFT artists and creators to build 3D virtual worlds and hold engaging and fun live events. It features spatial video and audio chat, providing a connected and serendipitous social experience for users.

  • PoseNet in Tensorflow.js

    PoseNet in a machine learning model which allows for real-time human pose estimation with any webcam. In collaboration with the Google Creative Lab, I open-sourced an easy to use Tensorflow.js version of the model.

  • w@y_p01nt

    Built for the EthGlobal HackFS online hackathon, and selected to be a finalist, w@y_p01nt is an open-source application and protocol that lets 3d artists and online communities build decentralized networks of ownable and interoperable virtual worlds

  • NIME: The Liquisynth

    The Liquisynth is a musical instrument and live performance that modulates sounds in response to the characteristics of liquids as they mix, as a combination of randomness and control.

  • Spatial Sound and Light Stream

    Spatial Sound and Light Stream is a performance that combines multi-channel sound and 3D visual elements in a live stream. The sound is linked to balls of light that move around in real-time, controlled by the performer and modulated by the sound. This creates an immersive, visual, and binaural listening experience. I performed it in a virtual environment called Yorb as part of the ITP residents show.

  • H3LIX - Visual Massage

    A virtual exhibit featuring 300 handmade GIF art pieces that can be minted onto the Ethereum blockchain using a custom ERC721 contract. The exhibit space changes in response to pieces being acquired, with the door frame illuminating and a white window appearing on the outside of the room.

  • Presence

    Presence is a kinetic scultpure that use pose estimation powered by PoseNet to perceive and mimic the form of the viewer. It was shown at the 2018 Makerfaire.

  • The Self-Driving Human

    The self-driving human is a device and performance where an intelligent portable agent makes decisions for participants in the real world. It is my masters thesis at ITP.

  • BodyPix in Tensorflow.js

    BodyPix in an open-source machine learning model which allows for person and body-part segmentation. In collaboration with researchers at Google I open-sourced a Tensorflow.js version of the model.

  • Presence - Gaze Detection Version 1

    "Presence" is a kinetic sculpture that uses computer vision to watch how a person stands or moves, and then changes its own shape to match the person's body. It was on display at the 2018 Maker Faire event.

  • The Pursuit by Equinox

    The Pursuit by Equinox is a gamified group cycling class driven by 500,000 records of data per session to display a Canne’s Lion winning visual experience. 700+ classes are hosted per month at Equinox locations across the United States. I was the lead developer on this project.

  • StarPower

    StarPower is an led sculpture consisting of 12 frosted tubes placed precisely in a circle and high frame-rate addressable leds allowing for smooth animations projected onto a circle.

  • 3D Pose Estimation for Athletes

    I worked with the New York Times R&D team to develop algorithms for estimating 3D poses using computer vision at sporting events, utilizing multiple cameras and camera calibration techniques. This technology allowed for the creation of new methods of storytelling using data of athletic motion in sports journalism.

  • Infinity Zoetrope

    The infinity zoetrope is a performance that combines real life and the imagination by turning an analog form into something limitless. It was shown at the Museum of the Moving Image for a class taught by Shantell Martin. By using digital technology to capture a rotating disk at the right speed, the infinity zoetrope creates an infinite loop that appears to extend into another dimension through the use of color and transformation.

  • Voronoi Cellular Zoetrope

    A physical animation generated by graphics shaders that loops seamlessly and infinitely