hackathon project
Team Lead
metaverse, web3
React, Javascript, Three.js, Solidity

Built for the EthGlobal HackFS online hackathon, and selected to be a finalist, w@y_p01nt is an open-source application and protocol that lets 3d artists and online communities build decentralized networks of ownable and interoperable virtual worlds

w@y_p01nt: Create and Mint Content-rich 3D Virtual Worlds as NFTs on any EVM compatible blockchain and IPFS

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w@y_p01nt is an open-source platform developed by Dan Oved and Louis Parker that enables 3D artists to create and mint content-rich virtual worlds as ownable ERC721 NFTs. The platform was created for the EthGlobal HackFS hackathon, which focused on building a decentralized file system for a decentralized web, and was selected as a top 10 finalist out of 197 teams.

w@y_p01nt is a serverless application that runs entirely in the browser, built with React and hosted on IPFS. The scene assets and graph are stored on IPFS, while any EVM-compatible blockchain serves as the ownership and network layer between worlds.

The front-end of w@y_p01nt is built with React, and the 3D scene and editor are rendered using react-three-fiber. With Waypoint, virtual world creators can connect their worlds to on-chain portals and users can own and explore them as NFTs.

The ERC721 virtual worlds created with w@y_p01nt can be explored through standard marketplaces like OpenSea. This is possible because the scene is rendered using an interactive HTML page, which is set as the animation_url of the NFT. This allows users to view and interact with the virtual world directly from within the marketplace.